Variable Frequencies


Copper Cable, FM Transmitter and Receivers, Loudspeakers

︎ Sound Installation
︎ Work in progress

︎ Studio documentation from Nov - Dec 2018 ︎

A series of cable sculptures (functioning as FM radio antennas) and accompanying sound work. Audio is broadcast over specific frequencies then spatialized with multiple receivers. Nearby bodies significantly alter the effectiveness of the transmission. The resulting interference highlights a fragile relationship between physical presence, and invisible (yet omnipresent) channels of communication.

Relative Distance


Mirror, Flatscreen TV, Webcam, Max/MSP & Live Software

︎ Sound Installation
︎ for Het Nieuwe Instituut

This site-specific work explores material, spatial and political dimensions of the space of the screen, and the territories it mediates. First exhibited at Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image, curated by Vere van Gool.

Sound + Signal


XLR Cables, Gaffer Tape, 3D Models, Rotating Plinth, Solenoid, Sine Wave Oscillator, Wireless Mics, Loudspeakers 

︎ Sound Installation
︎ for Smartgeometry

Collaborative work with John Granzow, Catie Newell, Matias Vilaplana Stark, Mitchell Akiyama, Miles Rufelds, Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Sandrine Héroux, Adam Tindale & Afaq Ahmed Karadia.

Live At Secret Project Robot


Drumkit, Analog/Digital Modular Synthesizer, Max/MSP and Live Software

︎ Performance, Recording
︎ 7” Lathe Cut Record
︎ Cover image by Andrew Long


Live At Secret Project Robot documents my ongoing duet with Brian Chase (2014 - present). We use a drumkit wired with receivers and microphones, feeding the raw sound through external effects processors and devices such as samplers, all parts of which are capable of being controlled and manipulated in real-time. Constructed from a live recording, the two tracks for this release were edited and shape-shifted in post-production, further blurring the line between stage and studio.

Times Square


Open Source Webcam Stream, Analog/Digital Modular Synthesizer, Max/MSP and Live Software

︎ Performance
︎ at Pioneer Works

︎ Studio documentation from Dec 2017

This webcam audiovisual work investigates the sonification of Times Square. With the ubiquity of streaming digital content, it seems we often choose to be in two places at once. Utilizing a variety of data extraction techniques, I interpret and layer information (sounds, movement, levels of sunlight) from an open source and public webcam, suggesting an alternative soundtrack for the crowded and busy space.