October 2021

(1) UK/EU

I’ll be based in Cambridge (UK) until January 2022. While I’m here, I’m also visiting London frequently. If you’re located nearby, please drop me a line, and let’s connect for a coffee :-)


(2) Twitter

I’ve recently set up my Twitter account. Well, I signed up last year and then forgot about it, but better late than never, right? So, after a relatively long break from social media, I’ll be back posting every so often at . . .


(3) Upcoming Journal Publication

I have a new article, “Nothing to Hear, So to Speak: Spaces of Sounding and Listening at 100 McCaul Street,” that is being published next month in The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory’s Special Issue on “Sound, Colonialism and Power.”

(4) Sonic Notations

More of this concept coming soon. For now, there’s an archive of what I’ve been up to here.