Work In Progress

Medium: Installation, Live Performance
Documentation: Pioneer Works (Dec 2017)
Upcoming: Wave Farm (Sept 2018)

Timestreams is a webcam audiovisual work investigating sonification of real-world spaces. Utilizing a variety of data extraction techniques, I reinterpret information from webcam streams to produce entirely new "shadow" worlds. By manipulating site-specific data digitally, I explore the interplay between physical and virtual spaces.

At the core of this project is the use of real-time analysis of audio/video from webcams to compose generative soundscapes. With the ubiquity of streaming digital content, Timestreams explores the idea that we are never simply in one place at one time.

Technology plays a huge role in 21st century life, providing a way to be simultaneously “connected” to many different places. By focusing attention towards an increasing reliance on things we cannot see or hear, Timestreams allows me to continue asking and exploring the never-ending question of “what does the world sound like?”

Images c/o AT & Justin Frye

43.6532° N, 79.3915° W