Surface To Air          

Two Channel Audio Recording, Lathe Cut Record

Medium: Recording, Installation
Documentation: Stanislava Pinchuk

This piece was composed to accompany the 2015 solo exhibition Surface To Air by artist Stanislava Pinchuk charting the Ukrainian civil war and the way the conflict sits between the ground and sky. A nod to STA missiles, the title also hints at a private experience of war, coming up for breath in resilience. 

This work (played on loop in the exhibition) references a beating, flickering eternal flame in a WWII memorial in Kharkov, Ukraine - Pinchuk’s home town. It sits above a killing field, where it is said that upon discovery, the earth was still moving with prisoners of war still buried alive, echoing a collective heartbeat through the forest air.

Artwork by Stanislava Pinchuk
Collaboration premiered at Karen Woodbury Gallery