For Pauline

Installation—205 Richmond St West, Toronto ON

 1/2    Installation (interior), 205 Richmond St West

 2/2    Installation (exterior), 205 Richmond St West
Sonic Meditations: PDF

This work is based around Ear Ly—a composition by Pauline Oliveros that can be enacted through a series of performative instructions:

  1. Enhance or paraphrase the auditory environment so perfectly that a listener cannot distinguish between the real sounds of the environment and the performed sounds.
  2. Become performers by not performing.

To explore the concept of the text, instead of being performed in a strict sense, the instructions themselves were spoken, recorded and then configured to transmit (on loop) using a low-power FM radio transmitter. This was connected to a FM radio antenna made from thin copper cabling that was split between an interior entrance foyer and adjacent exterior sidewalk. Using this arrangement, touching the antenna made the signal strong enough for the recording of Oliveros’ instructions to be heard via a portable FM radio receiver in the foyer space.