Piano, iPhone, iPad, Loudspeakers
Skype, FaceTime & Live Software

Medium: Installation / Performance
Documentation: West Space Gallery

Artifacts is a collaboration with pianist Nathan Liow. Technically speaking, a slowly evolving feedback conversation is created through a live acoustic piano performance in Australia that is broadcast immediately to North America. This signal is then processed remotely, returned to the source, amplified through speakers and mixed with the existing performance in real time. Within this process, inaudible sounds of data transfer become apparent and distortion begins to erode and decay what is heard. The Internet itself leaves a unique signature.

Premiered at the 2014 Melbourne Next Wave Festival as part of the group exhibition, Can We Please Play the Internet?

Can We Please Play The Internet?

Janine DeFeo, Paul Zaba, Eleonora Sovrani, Andrea Buran, Nathan Liow, Angus Tarnawsky, Ilya Milstei

cur. Rosemary Willink