b. 1988, Tasmania, Australia
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada 

angustarnawsky (at) gmail (dot) com ︎
soundcloud.com/angustarnawsky ︎

Angus Tarnawsky is a Toronto-based sound-artist and experimental musician interested in altering perceptions and perspectives of environment through sound. His work frequently explores interactions between acoustic and electronic sources, utilizing analog feedback systems and modular synthesis.

He is the founder and primary curator of In Context Music, a project dedicated to exploratory channels of electronic and electro-acoustic sound.


Artist Statement
My practice employs technology as a means of reimagining day-to-day situations and scenarios. Exploring new media through electro-acoustic improvisation and electronic composition, my work challenges audiences to experience their surroundings from different perspectives. As a whole, I am fascinated by the exposition of what cannot immediately be seen or heard. By instigating dialogues between spontaneity and structure, I hope to facilitate new ways of understanding relationships between sound and vision. Within this framework, I place considerable importance on translating visual data into sonic information and linking visual content to sound.



Hi-Res Image︎
by Maria Jose Garvea


43.6532° N, 79.3915° W